Daily Activity Report

Daily Activity Report

aka the “DAR”


The DAR is a customized online sales performance tracking tool that can be used company wide from any locale.


The DAR’s primary functions are two-fold:


  • Track the number of NEW sales written in a day
  • Track the daily sales activities associated with the pursuit of NEW sales


Important features:


  • The DAR is a web based program that can be accessed from any computer with internet capabilities
  • The DAR provides a “snap shot” of a salesperson’s activities for any day spent on the job
  • The DAR integrates data from every location into a collective data set


Benefits of the DAR include:


  • The DAR allows management to identify/measure selling strengths and weaknesses in sales performance on an individual, location-wide, and company-wide basis
  • The DAR enables sales associates to identify selling strengths and weaknesses within their own sales performance
  • The DAR empowers the company to act in ways that positively impact earning potential
  • The DAR gives valuable insights into the effectiveness of advertising and promotional endeavors


The DAR has 3 basic modules:


  • Daily Activity Input: where daily activities are reported (i.e. inbound calls, leads, deals, appointments)
  • Historical Data: where individual daily records can be viewed
  • Graphical Reports: where data is integrated to produce useful/meaningful reports


There are 3 basic types of users:


  • Corporate – Can run company-wide reports, location-wide reports, and individual sales associate reports
  • Sales Manager – Can run location-wide reports and individual sales associate reports for their location only
  • Sales Associate – Can run reports on their data only


Characteristics of the DAR:

  • Straight forward and easy to use
  • Daily time investment for sales staff is minimal
  • Web based, don’t need to bother with costly and time consuming software installation


The DAR:


  • Does not link to accounting or have accounting features
  • Is not a CRM
  • Is not designed to track the life of a deal after it is reported (except for cancellation requests)

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